This MK INDY RX5 1.8 TURBO will be produced in a choice of black or grey bodywork (other colours available but may be subject to additional wait times).

All MX5 donor parts are reconditioned as new with new bearings, rings, and seals added to the list of work carried out to give the new owner peace of mind motoring for years to come.

This car has a couple of options pre fitted:

TD04 Turbo kit

Upgraded Aluminium Radiator

Wilwood Powerlite front calipers

All cars start as a blank canvas for you to then personalise. Change up things as simple as a colour scheme, seats, and weather gear all the way through to performance upgrades such as wilwood brakes, turbo kits, ITBs, and gearing.

The possabilities are endless…

Starting price for this vehicle is £19,500 +taxes


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