MK Indy Classic

DTO present our MK INDY Classic ZX10R

Full restoration on our Demo car Bike Engined Car (BEC) is due to commence week 1 in May 2021.

After buying the car as a running work in progress 3 years ago, the gremlins in the electrical system gained a lot of confidence and were showing us up more and more. So this year the poor tired INDY CLASSIC will get a new lease of life.

The restoration will see a full “back to bare frame” tear down to identify any chassis issues before being repainted. all of the mechanics will go through cleaning, reconditioning etc, and the engine will remain relatively untouched due to a recent overhaul by P3 TUNING LTD only 200miles or so ago.

The car will be rebuilt as per a new car with some of the items being repositioned for performance optimisation and access. this will be a 15year old new car that will be ready to take on supercars at the track.

Updates on the build process can be found over at our youtube channel

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